10 Movie and TV Inspired Embroidery Patterns from Etsy

10 embroidery patterns inspired by movies and tv

While searching through embroidery shops  on Etsy, I found tons of patterns directly inspired by movies and TV.   What a fun project to work on the next time you’re having a movie night or binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix!  Why not stitch up a Mad Men sampler during the season premiere or The Dude next time you have a hankering for The Big Lebowski?  Maybe you’re looking for something a little less obvious -  use these ten projects as inspiration for a sampler based on a quote from your favorite movie or show.  Time to break out the popcorn and get stitching!


Breaking Bad – AmazingCrossStitch




DIY Blues Brothers – bombastitch




Mad Men Cross Stitch – ShopSweetStitches






Lumos – SewFestive






Big Bang Theory Bazinga – DefiantDamsel




The Life Aquatic – WickedPissahStitches






Orange is the New Black – cottagenestinteriors

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