Organizing Floss

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I am the worst when it comes to organizing my floss. It is always a tangled mess. This year I am going to try to do a better job at taming the big bundle of floss knotted in my craft room. Here are a few options I found around the internet to help me. How do you organize your floss? Do you have any helpful hints?

  1. Jack Russell Embroidery Floss holder 
  2. DIY buttery fly floss holders
  3. Little girl thread cards
  4. Clothes pins


  1. Becky PS says

    My system is Borrrrrr-ing! I have those plain little stiff paper floss holders from the store in flatish clear plastic bins. Found the bins at a big box store in a carrying case. That way .I can take with if I have the notion.

    I arranged by color not floss number.

  2. Tim Buchheim says

    Those white plastic bobbins that they sell in 25- or 50-packs at craft stores, or in bags of 1,000 at (They’re only 2¢ each when you buy them in the big bags, compared to about 8¢ each in the smaller quantities.) I’m currently partway through a bag of 1,000. :)

    I put them on metal rings while I’m using them, then when I’m done I store them in those clear plastic storage boxes that craft stores sell to hold them. (Hint: the ones in the beading section of craft stores are often cheaper than the ones in the embroidery section, even though they’re essentially identical boxes!)

    Most of my floss is just generic floss from kits so I just sort it by color. When I do buy DMC or Anchor or other identifiable floss I use a permanent marker to write the color number on the plastic.

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