A handy stitching gadget from the housepaint department

Karen of Sew Many Ways shares a tip that is absolute genius. See the little clamp in the photos above? It’s a tool available in the paint department of home improvement stores. You’re supposed to clamp it onto your paint bucket or tray. The magnet on the surface holds your paintbrush for you when you need to set it down. It costs about a dollar. But, Karen says, why not use it to

  • hold your place in a book of stitching patterns, letting the magnet capture your resting needle
  • hold your pins and needles, clamped to the edge of a table near your stitching chair
  • hold your needles when you’re stitching in the car, clamped to a louver of a heat-and-air vent

And more! Go to her blog post to see photos of stitching and cooking applications.


  1. candy says

    Where did you find those for $1? I have checked Lowes, Home Depot and they have no clue what they are.

    I would love to give to the ladies when we have our quilt retreat in Feb!


  2. says

    Sorry, Candy! I don’t know. The original poster shared the store and price information. You may want to follow the link to the post and contact the blogger directly to find out where she bought them.

    I’ve found them online for $3.50 at Gizmos for Geeks, $3.99 at Handyman Club of America, and $2.99 at Waltco Tools. These look a bit bigger and sturdier than the version shown in the blog post, though. Maybe the blogger found a bargain bin full of mini clamps.


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