A text from the beyond

textI’m barefoot. My socks have been knocked off by Susan Lenz‘s response to the Studio Art Quilt Association’s call for entries to the show Text Message. If you’re familiar with Susan’s work, you know one theme that crops up consistently is grave rubbings. She tells a bit about her decision to make this work, Texting from the Grave:

For me, the text found on graves are always words for the living … messages from the grave … a form of communication … a written memory in stone.  Some of my favorite epitaphs are from the Victorian era when it was popular to directly address future visitors to the grave site.

Go to Susan’s blog post to read more about the work’s message and Susan’s process in creating it, and see photos that you can click to enlarge.



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    Thanks so very, very much for once again sharing my work with your readers. It truly means the world to me to have my stitches shown here on Craft Gossip.com. I’m in your debt!

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