Advertise on the TAFA site

Here’s an excellent win-win: Advertise at a huge discount on the Textile and Fiber Arts site, support your business or cause and TAFA’s growth at the same time. Rachel Biel, TAFA’s founder and administrator, says,

If you have a website, consider supporting us as we mature into our full potential.  We aim to become a major destination for the textile and fiber art community!  We have a 50% off promotion going on through June for non-members who have a site they would like to advertise on TAFA.  It does not have to be textile or fiber art related.  You can even advertise a favorite charity or organization that you wish to support!

Get the details from the TAFA site.


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    Denise! You are fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this!

    Yes, we would really like to have support on this campaign. Our audience is mostly women: educated, creative, into a healthy lifestyle, well-traveled, love handmade stuff, well-read, and so on. So, if you have an online business that caters to this same audience, you are sure to develop a following with us!

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