Belle Noel stocking kits stitch up quickly

Seth Berman of NeedlePaint sent us a heads-up about their Quick Stitch needlepoint Christmas stocking kits. The NeedlePaint blog says,

Are you running out of time to finish multiple stockings this year? If so, our Belle Noel Needlepoint Christmas Stocking collection may be just what you need. Not only do they look great, but Peggy finished this stocking in just two weeks! Long stitches cover the canvas quicker and give a 3-D texture to your stocking. The wool thread also adds to the textured appearance…There are four christmas stockings in the collection, so everyone can get their own version.  Each design is available as a personalized needlepoint kit.

Go to the blog post for more info (including quick stitch suggestions) and the link to the kit listings.

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