Book review: Bargello Revisited

If you remember the 1970s, then you probably loved bargello. I did. I even had one of those sofas upholstered with a flame-stitch print. Whatever happened to bargello?

Although it never really went away, it has been resurging lately with updated patterns, colors, and projects. So, with perfect timing, needlepoint expert Janet M. Perry has released a guide, Bargello Revisited. She points out that bargello has been popular for more than 500 years and is one of the easiest forms of needlepoint to stitch. I’m sure these two facts are related. Plus there is a harmony to bargello patterns that is intrinsically satisfying.

At the front of the book are all the basics, explained in Janet’s usual thorough, supportive style. Then come templates of simple shapes that you can fill with bargello to create projects. And finally the real meat of the book: patterns and instructions for stitching bargello in your own favorite colors and style. If you’ve never tried bargello, use this book to get started. You’ll be hooked.

The book is published by Napa Needlepoint, Janet’s logo. It retails for US$37.95. ISBN 978-1-6064-3341-6.

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