Let It Snow!

PicMonkey Collage

It seems like old man winter has decided to make an early appearance around my neck of the woods. While the temperatures take a turn for the cold, I can stay inside my cozy house and stitch up these adorable … Read More ...

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Freebie: A Bunch of Bunnies


The bunnies…they are attacking us with their cuteness! AACCKKKK! Make it stop! I can’t handle anymore cute bunnies (faints and drops to floor). Okay so maybe I didn’t faint over these adorable bunnies, but I could because they are so … Read More ...

Autumn Blessings

AB 1

In my neck of the woods we are having a longer summer than expected and while I am usually a fan of the heat, I am ready for fall. The cooler temps and rain need to head my way. Of … Read More ...