Do good and win

Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! reminds us:

Action Kivu is a nonprofit organization that assists women who are victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo. The organization runs a sewing workshop and also pays for children to go to school. This is a small organization that makes a big difference in the lives of the people it helps. Nzigira (pictured above) is a graduate of the sewing workshop and is now supporting her family as a seamstress. The sewing machine she’s using was purchased with funds from last year’s fundraiser. She is just one example of the many women and children who have been directly helped by this fundraiser.

Elizabeth is supporting this year’s fundraiser by sponsoring an astonishing giveaway — a Honey Messenger Bag jam-packed with quilting supplies! If you donate at least $25 to Action Kivu, you’re eligible to enter the contest. Go to her blog post for details.

You can find out more about Action Kivu at Handmade by Alissa. Alissa’s posting new incentive giveaways every day. But the best incentive of all is the opportunity to help other women.

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