Don’t forget to apply!

Did you mean to apply to attend CraftGossip’s next big Fork and Talk blogger meet-up? It’s April 21 at Trio’s restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. You’ll get a swank free lunch, hours of crafty fun, and a ton of excellent craft supplies from our sponsor, EK Success. (I don’t want to spill any secrets; but we’ve already seen some of the gifts. Stitchers: This post is a hint.) You’ll also get to know four CraftGossip editors and 19 other crafty bloggers. If this sounds like your kind of good time, go to the application post to get on the list. Guests will be chosen by random drawing.


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    If I were anywhere near Arkansas I would be onto this in a flash. Sadly, I don’t think you can get further from Arkansas than the Tasmanian Central Highlands. Wishing you all a fabulous, fun-filled luncheon. Enviously yours………

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