Electronic embroidery is rockin

electronicAt least two examples of fabulous, conceptual electronic embroidery have cropped up on Craftzine.com lately.

(1) Becky Stern pointed out this dress design by Stijn Ossevoort that is “embellished with wind-sensitive electronic dandelions.” So lovely. And brilliant. See the post.

(2) Becky also introduced the See-thru-me project by Meg Grant “that uses LEDs and light sensitive resistors to give the effect of light being passed through the body. When a light is shined on the wearer’s back, the LEDs on the front light up in the corresponding place.” See the post.

I’m enjoying this exciting trend in needlework so much, and Becky always seems to know what’s hopping (so to speak) with electronics and stitching. Her frog embroidery with light-up lightning bugs (3) has become famous on the interwebs. And I’m not even a little surprised that her artist site is called Sternlab. I can’t wait to see what she discovers/creates next!

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