Free chart: Star of David

Though Hanukkah has already begun, this beautiful cross-stitch design from Kooler Design Studio is perfect for the season. If you don’t have time for it this year, be sure to bookmark it for next year. Get the free chart.

Many thanks to Fourteen Countess for pointing out this find.


  1. Marjorie Caravagio says

    I am very interested in doing this Star of David for my boss but am wondering the following?
    Do you have a size? What is the color chart?
    0= DMC?
    2= DMC?
    4= DMC?
    X= DMC?


  2. Marny says

    Go to the Kooler website and the chart and colors used are there!!

    The URL is in blue at the top of this page!! Click on it.

    Or go to your Search engine and type in:

    Kooler Design Studio

  3. Marny says

    The colors are pretty clear … use whatever shades of yellow and blue you like.

    I’ve had this chart hanging on the wall since April 2007. It’s beautiful.

    I’ve also done a towel in Swedish Weave and counted cross stitch with the Hebrew letters on this site.

  4. JMAT says

    The symbol in the center is chai, the Hebrew word for life. I’m not an especially religious person, but when we lit our menorah this evening, we spent a few moments reflecting on the blessings that are recited for Hanukkah, and this one which is read on the first night of Hanukkah really resonated with me:

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