Free chicken-scratch chart


There’s a revival going on: chicken-scratch embroidery. It’s not surprising to see this traditional embroidery technique on vintage aprons, but it’s making a comeback in children’s clothing and home decor, too. If you’d like to try your hand, you can find instructions and a chart for a free starter project at Pegasus Originals Inc. The company offers lots of chicken-scratch charts for sale through its network of retailers. You can find a retailer in your area on Pegasus’ search page.


  1. Reba Dene Lucas says

    I would like an email address where I can order some free Chicken Scratch Patterns and how I can go about ordering them and also ordering some that are not free.

  2. Mary Gottlieb says

    I am interested in obtaining pattern books or free patterns for chicken scratch work. I have a star that is made into a table cloth and am interested in other projects. Thank you.

  3. Joan Ward says

    I would like to order your chicken scratch pattern catolog. How much are they and what address do I use to order them. I love doing chicken scratch. I have been doing it a long time I even help other ladies do it.

  4. Gaile says

    I would love to get the star pattern to do on a tablecloth. Where would I be able to get one?

    Thanks, Gaile

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