FREE: Convert images to needlepoint patterns

You can turn a photo or artwork into a needlepoint pattern…free! is a web-based conversion program that produces a PDF file, which includes the original image, a color template, a color legend, and a stitching chart. Read a review (including results of a first-hand test) at the Bargello Needlepoint blog. Or go directly to Pic2Point.

Thanks so much for sharing this find, Bargello Love!

Ed. note: Links removed 5/21/2013.


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    I think that you should be sure that Craft Gossip patrons understand that it is only legal to do this with images that are in the public domain. Encouraging people to turn “any” photo or artwork into a needlepoint pattern is not responsible.

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    True, Stephen. Thanks for pointing that out. I believe there’s also a substantial difference between creating a pattern for your own use and creating one for distribution or sale.

    Janet Perry posted an interesting follow-up story to Bargello Needlepoint’s review today. See Janet’s post.

  3. Sandra says

    At the 2011 Lynden Fair in August, there was an incredible wall hanging. The theme
    was ‘trees in the different seasons’. It was absolutely jar-dropping with all the little extras the sewer put on this quilt.

    Many people took pictures and I’m wondering if anyone who happened to be there could post a pic of said quilt (wall hanging – huge). Also, wonder if there was a pattern book with this design. Apparently, the woman who made it took six years to do it.

    Thanks for the info about having photos converted to needlework patterns. Great idea. I went to the site, but there was a notice that the site is not available just now.

    Enjoy your blog, thanks a lot for tips, info, etc.


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    Thank you for alerting us, Cathy! In the three years that have elapsed since this post went live, it looks as if the domain was sold or is being made available for…um…non-needlework purposes. I’ve removed the links from our story.


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