Free pattern and tutorial: Embroidered calendar

Kelly of Craft Your Style tipped me off to the first installment of a year-long craft project on her blog. She says,

This detailed step-by-step DIY shows how to make the first month of a stitched calendar! Beginners will learn embroidering techniques such as the running stitch, french knot, and backstitch while creating a unique piece of art. By using my free printable template, they can recreate a festive winter wonderland scene that captures the feeling of the first snow.

The design is lively and charming. The tutorial is thoroughly professional with lots of how-to photos. Kelly’s writing style is first-class. And Kelly is………..14 years old! She says her blog is geared to DIY projects that will interest other teens; but I think any stitcher will enjoy taking a stab (so to speak) at this calendar. Go to Kelly’s blog post for the lowdown.


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