Free tatting pattern: Beaded lanyard

lanyardJane Eborall is sharing her pattern for this beautiful beaded lanyard. Go get it!


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    Thank you for linking to my blog post – I’m flattered. But, perhaps you could explain why you did this? I’m very curious as I have SO many free patterns on my web site that you didn’t link to!!!!! Not criticising or complaining – just curious. Mind, curiosity killed the cat, so ‘they’ say!!!

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    Hi, Jane! It’s so great to see your name pop up! Seeing as how you are a goddess of tatting, Needlework News @ CraftGossip keeps an eye on your blog all the time and posts links to your posts pretty regularly. If you type “Eborall” into the search box in the left-hand column of this page, you can see all the links we’ve posted over the past year or so. Please keep the wonderful material coming. You blog is a tremendous service to the needlework community.

    Kindest regards,

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    Hi love your tatting, I’m a brand new beginner, coming along but I can’t join threads yet, want to make the lanyard but want to figure out a few way so I can use small shuttle Loved your little earrings too, don’t suppose they were a free pattern???
    Never heard of the silk either, but like the Melborne earrings.

    Contact me if you have a minute.

    Lindy of Utah

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