Thank You Giveaway!


I have received such a warm welcome to Craft Gossip that I wanted to do a little giveaway as a thanks. Everyone here at the site and everyone who has left feedback have just been the best ever!

Details of the Giveway:

Enter to win between March 2nd and March 9th. Winner will be announced on March 10th.

March is National Craft Month so leave a comment as to what makes you so crafty! Are you you a stitching goddess or god? Can you do a whip stitch like no one else? Let me know! One only entry per person.

Entries that do not answer the above question will be disqualified.

Winner will be picked in a random drawing.




  1. Emily C says

    I just love creation. Turning ordinary items into something beautiful. I also sew to relax. Life is so stressful, you need a little ‘me’ time.

  2. OHSue says

    I am mostly a knitter but this past year have been working on a redwork snowman project that will hopefully grow to be a quilt. I love the process of creating something, just makes me feel good to do it without regard to what I make.

  3. lynn zukowski says

    I have been crafting since the 70′s. I have seen macramé come and go and come back again. I have tie dyed t-shirts, sewn flaps into jean pant legs- the wider the better. I have knit scarves, sewn PJ bottoms by the dozen, quilted and embroidered and paper pieced. I have made pillow cases the “sausage roll” method, and sewn doll clothes, and baby beds, and Barbie skirts. Crafting is part of my personality, and I can’t imagine missing a week without creating something new.

  4. Mary says

    I get inspired by things I see, an idea pops into my head and I have to figure out how to do it. I love to try all kinds of stuff.

  5. ChrisTea says

    I think I’m crafty because I never use anything for which its originally intended. I love cross-stitch and I’ve always liked adding to it, even before it was popular … beads, lace, little critters or feathers which hang from the frames. That’s why I hardly ever throw something away; I know I’ll use it somewhere down the line. And please don’t call me a hoarder! I’m a collector. LOL!

  6. Cath T says

    I’m a rank beginner, but am smitten with the designs on the cover of the book. Have to start somewhere.

  7. nancy d says

    I am crafty! Crafts are huge part of my life. I love it all and I want to try it all. I would rather go shopping for crafts then for clothes. I prefer the smell of paint and glue then to a fancy perfume. I am a crafty goddess and proud of it :)

  8. Sandy L says

    I’ve always been “crafty”. I’ve painted, knitted, made jewelry, scrapbooked, made cards, sewed, played with polymer clay, made “Christmas crafts”, etc. I just don’t feel whole unless I’m doing something “crafty” in my life. I think of it as nourishing my inner artist.

  9. says


    Craft is my life I brought up in very crafty environment right from my school days I started doing crafts in that embroidery is my favorite i do cross stitch, Brazilian embroidery, bead work, origami, clay and cold porcelain work. Yes I am a craft Goddess………..

    Count me as well


  10. Dee says

    I am definitely a craft goddess. I especially love embroidery and can stitch very well (if I say so myself). I have recently started a new project, it’s a stump work design by Di Van Niekirk called Roses. Last night I spent almost two hours (whilst ‘watching’ TV) stitching about 12cm in tiny 2mm blanket stitch in single strand silk thread.

  11. says

    I Love crafting cause i Love how i feel when i create something and Love to be surrounded of beautiful handmade things!!

  12. says

    I’m multi-craftual, and I think it’s because my mother was too. I was in the Girl Scouts as a Scout and a Leader, so I’ve had lots of exposure to craftiness!

  13. Juanita Williams says

    the joy of embroidery and cross stitch are my favorite hand work I also knit and quilt this year I plan to add embroidery and cross stitch for holiday gifts.

  14. Becky PS says

    I love to stitch like a mofo! Thanks for the giveaway and again – so happy to have you here sharing ideas and inspiration!

  15. says

    I love different types of needlework, it relaxes me in the evenings and keeps my fingers nimble. I went through a loss of stitching and designing mojo for about a year and a half, but I have stitched almost daily and designed several smalls so far this year.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin’
    Hugs, Sandy

  16. Chris says

    I’m not a goddess but I can hold my own. I do still love to make dish towels for friends and family.

  17. Cynthia W says

    I love embroidery and, yes, I can do the whip stitch! Not sure if that makes me a stitching goddess or not, though!

  18. Jessica Wyatt says

    I wouldn’t say I’m a goddess or a god, but I do enjoy it! I kinda just taught myself after watching my grandma.

  19. EdnaS says

    I am crafty because it is so great having things or giving things with a personal touch and the process of crafting is so relaxing.

  20. patty says

    iam a goddess i have done a lot of different things but u can not beat hand embroidery it is the best i hand embroidery all my ouilts, baby and adult, and pillows, curtains, ect. just about anything

  21. says

    I love mixing old and new in my stitching. It;s fund using this craft that’s been around for so long to make something modern.

  22. Cheri says

    I’ve been sewing for 48 years now…there isn’t much I have not done…other than men’s clothes! I have put more miles on my sewing machine than my car!

  23. says

    I’m crafty as an “upcycler”…. repurposing stuff that would otherwise be tossed. Some of it gets stitched, some painted, some melted, just various ways of using up “stuff”…. thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Callie says

    I love making everything… i see it and figure out a way to make it… and then i teach others how to do it!

  25. Carmen says

    I’m crafty because I can do a little bit of everything … even if I need some help in some crafts.

  26. Christine B. says

    I am the quilting world’s Typhoid Mary, teaching elementary school students how to quilt and determined to infect as many as possible in the next generation with quilting pox!

  27. Elizabeth Ann wall says

    I just love it and don’t wasn’t it to be lost all this crafty knit crochet patchwork ,quilting,lace making tatting I am learning all the time shareing just love sewing,I can’t go a day without a bit of some craft I,love to se everything what other people do it’s lovely to share :-)

  28. Alice Clark says

    What makes me so crafty? Doing something productive with my hands can be both stimulating and relaxing — and that is especially true with fiber arts. Working with colorful threads and watching a beautiful design emerge is a most rewarding use of time and energy. I do my best work with embroidery on felt ornaments and smaller projects.

    Thanks for a delightful giveaway!

  29. says

    I love to cross stitch. It is fun beautiful and a great stress reliever for me. Plus the finished pieces are fun to decorate with:-).

  30. says

    I like trying different crafts – some I do not do so well at but I still try (ex: knitting). I love working with different mediums and on different projects.

  31. CathyH says

    I like so many crafts it’s crazy! Making collage art is my main thing though, starting to do assemblage art too.


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