Hands off my shears!

VQDNotwithmyscissorsThere was a time when I needed this note hanging over my sewing space to remind kids (and sometimes adults) not to borrow my good shears. Now I want to hang it in my studio just because it’s so pretty and cute. Good news: It’s a gift from Benita of Victoriana Quilt Designs. Go to her blog post to find out how to get a high-res file of this free printable.


  1. tracie says

    love this. although seeing it flares my temper about my good pair of “missing” sewing scissors. it makes me laugh. LMFAO!

  2. Marijo Hinton says

    I am lucky enough to own a few scrapbook pages from 1894 and have just a few of these lovely, colored advertisements in my possession – I’m always glad to see the reprints which are so very charming.

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