Inspiration: Susan Lenz

Susan Lenz‘ needle art is consistent in personality and style but ever growing in content and theme. I am crazy for this new art quilt, Lift and Tuck, which incorporates recycled, vintage undergarments. She says,

Stitching the girdle in place [on another work] got me thinking about aging, the quest for a youthful appearance, and the pains most women go through in attempts to fool the ravages of time.  I thought about my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, my sisters and myself.  I thought about today’s girls and tomorrow’s girls.  Beauty and aging, the fight against oncoming years … well, it’s been going on forever and likely always will.  To me, these relics are iconic symbols for women and aging.

Susan describes her process in detail — fascinating. And she explains her unique solution to a common problem in displaying art quilts. Check out her post.


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    Thanks so much for sharing this piece! It means so much to me for others simply to SEE my work. Thanks for the extra special exposure!

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