Learn Aari embroidery

Anita of artisticfingers has put together a series of tutorials on Aari embroidery, also known as tambour work. If you’d like to know more about this technique, which uses a tiny hook to pull loops of thread to the fabric’s surface, go to Anita’s blog and click the link to Aari embroidery in the navigation bar in the right-hand column.

Many thanks to Ina of Let’s Learn Embroidery for pointing out Anita’s series.


  1. brenda freeman says


    I would love to learn how to do Aari embroidery, Where can I buy the Tambour hook, and Transfer patterns? I think it is a beatiful art!!

    Thank you very much!!

    From, Brenda Freeman

  2. says

    I love aari embroidery. Brenda you can get aari needle or tambour hook in US too, I saw some tambour embroidery hook from clover in Joann, check it out.


  3. divya says

    Hi Raji,
    Thanks for the tutorial.. I started with a small work on a silk cloth that comes with Saree.. however when I finish a stitch I see small holes in the cloth.. obviously I need to pull the thread out.. not sure if I am exerting more pressure or it is the material of the cloth. Can you help me with a solution please.. Thanks

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