Make a stone for Jude

If you enjoyed contributing to Jude Hill‘s Magic Feather Project–or even if you haven’t participated yet–you’ll want to know about Jude’s new call for assistance. She’s beginning the assembly of the quilts that incorporate her readers’ embroidered feathers, and she says,

To balance the lightness of  sky and feather, I will need some stones…I am looking for something tiny and simple.  Like the one picture above. Just a 1- 2″ square of cloth, natural fibers only.  With a stone ( never a perfect circle)  applique in the center. Please keep the colours stone-like in feel and the background  undyed or neutral or blue.  Soft or old cloth that is easy to stitch through would be nice.  You might make one or more .  Email me for an address if you don’t have it already. There is no rush and no deadline.

Jude has included a video tute showing how to create the needleturned-applique stones. Go to her blog post for more details about the project.

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