More stitch tutorials

mosaic(1) Shisha flower from Let’s Learn Embroidery
(2) Bullion knots (video) from Karen Ruane
(3) Open base needlewoven picot from Pintangle
(4) Embroidered leaf from Ella’s Craft Creations
(5) Star stitch from Needle ‘n’ Thread
(6) Seeding stitch from Kimberly Ouimet
(7) Seed stitch from Needle ‘n’ Thread
(8) Knotted cable chain stitch from Needle ‘n’ Thread
(9) Buttonhole insertion stitch from Kimberly Ouimet
(10) Knotted feather stitch from Pintangle
(11) Griffin stitch from Needle ‘n’ Thread
(12) Hemstitch from Kimberly Ouimet
(13) Twisted insertion stitch from Kimberly Ouimet
(14) Berry stitch from Pintangle
(15) Buttonhole eyelet flower from Pintangle

Ed. note, 1/28/13: I moved an image and forgot to renumber the links. I’m so sorry. Thanks to Kimberly Ouimet for giving me the heads-up. The links are fixed now.  –Denise


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