Needle Minders


I have a new obsession: Needle Minders. The concept is simple. You have a pretty decorative top and bottom magnet. You place your fabric between the two and when you need to set your needle down, it “minds” it for you. Can I just tell you how AWE-SOME this is? I am constantly sticking my needle in my clothing or they fall onto the couch or floor…with a needle minder, I can just place the needle on the magnet and I’m good to go.

Not only are needle minders functional, but they are a beautiful collectible. I really want one in every style!  You can find needle minders online at various stitching sites or if you are feeling extra crafty, you could make your own.

 Etsy  has a great collection and also check out  123 Cross Stitch.  The needle minder pictured is from the fabulous store, Ship’s Manor. 

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