New: Cottage Industry License

Wee Folk Art is now offering a Cottage Industry License, allowing others to use their designs to make items for sale. Kimara says,

Michelle and I have been kicking around the idea of allowing others to use our patterns, crafts and appliques to make and sell for profit. If we aren’t going to do it ourselves, there is really no reason not to let others make and sell our designs. As you know, Wee Folk Art has tons of patterns, tutorials and appliques on our blog, that we share with our readers free of charge. We will continue to design and share all our patterns for free, to be used for personal use. But, we are now giving people the option to purchase a Wee Folk Art’s Cottage Industry License.

We believe that this will benefit many of our readers. First, it will support small, handmade business owners that would like to make our designs and sell them for profit. It also provide licensees exposure on our site. Then, for those of you interested in buying Wee Folk Art designs, we can hook you up with people on-line that are making and selling things made from our designs. We are hoping this is a win-win situation.

Guidelines, FAQs, and costs are noted in the blog post.

Ed. note: Wee Folk Art did not ask or compensate me to post about this new offering. I just think it’s a fabulous idea!


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