New educational materials from Art Needlepoint

Things are hopping over at The Art Needlepoint Company. First, Doreen Finkel tells me, they’ve launched a new online subscription series. She says,

Attaining Predictable Results…is a revolutionary concept for Needlepoint. If you would like to attain predictable results with color and shading on your needlepoint canvases, this series will help you to do so. We have developed 20 segments for the first year. Everyone will receive the same first four segments. Thereafter, if you wish, you can select the remaining eight from a list of 16 segments or you can request that we send you each month. There is a progression in the information, but each segment is a stand alone.

Second, Art Needlepoint has teamed up with our beloved Janet Perry and Napa Needlepoint to produce a series of 18 Art and Needlepoint Technique booklets. Doreen says,

It all begins with a needle.  How you use the needle on your canvas can change the look of a canvas. The Art Needlepoint Company and Napa Needlepoint have developed a series of Art and Needlepoint Technique booklets to help you create beautiful canvases! Each booklet will cover a number of artists and one or more selections of their art on needlepoint canvas, as well as twenty techniques to stitch realistically various elements. Each book will also have a little historical overview and a biographical summary of each artist…No technique is repeated from one booklet to the next throughout the series. The techniques covered in each of the booklets of the Art and Needlepoint Technique series can be adapted to many of the canvases you likely have in your stash or can readily obtain.

Go to The Art Needlepoint Company’s online shop. Or visit (and bookmark) their blog.

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