New tatting book from Jon Yusoff

Jon Yusoff‘s new tatting book is available now! Elegant Tatting Gems includes the 18 designs shown here. Jon says,

The approach that I have taken for this book is to come up with designs that uses the basic techniques of tatting, i.e. the double stitch, standard rings and chains, regular join and lock joins.  There are no split rings, split chains nor mock rings in any of the designs.  However, there are a couple of designs that are a bit more involved while still keeping to the basics.  But, I think I managed to put in enough twist and turns to make each one rather challenging. I also wanted to come up with designs that can be tatted in one pass. I managed to do it for 14 out of 18 designs.

You can order the book from Jon’s web site for US$22.00. Go to her blog post for more details.

Ed. note: Jon did not request or compensate this post in any way. That’s how modest she is.

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