Elderflower at Craftster.org started this project over a year ago. Each petal is a different stitch and color. Everyone in her guild interpreted the daisy  in their own way. I love the textures each stitch made. This is a great way …

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Did you hear that? It was me squealing with delight over the new Kurt Halsey pattern at Sublime Stitching. The little animals are just over the top! There are so many …

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Oh sleepy turtle, how I understand your need for a nap. While we can’t take a quick turtle nap, we can indulge in a good cup of tea and wish for …

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YAHOO! We have a winner! Congrats to Pat who says:

how nice of you to share on your birthday!! have a great day. my absolute favorite cake of all time is

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I love miniatures. I am currently been obsessed with doll houses and fairy gardens. Being a huge fan of embroidery and cross stitch, I wanted to add some of those elements in my fairy garden and house. After much …

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I love the movie Pretty in Pink. A few things though…I would have stayed with Ducky, I would have never ruined that dress and I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald

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Yahoo! I love a good sale and I can’t resist the one that Cherry and Cinnamon is having right now. 25% off of her patterns over at Kitschy Digitals. You better head over there and grab all of …

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The majority of the houses in my town do not have air conditioning. It is only very hot about a week out of the year. We usually keep our doors open and let the breeze stop by for a …

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It’s my birthday and I want to spread the love! One lucky person is winning a copy of Jenny Doh’s book, Stitch Along. Here are the details!

One entry per …

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There is no reason to give your dad another tie this year. I mean really, he can only have so many fish or camouflage ties, am I right on this? You know it’s true. Why not give your dad …

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There is a great inchie/twinchie swap over at Craftster.org.  The rules are that the finished piece can not be bigger than two inches. Every piece in this swap as been amazing so far and it’s not over yet! …

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I have a new obsession: Needle Minders. The concept is simple. You have a pretty decorative top and bottom magnet. You place your fabric between the two and when you need to set your needle down, it “minds” it for …

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Love, ain’t it just grand? You get to be all smoochy smoochy with your favorite person. Two people in love make me so happy! Bees Knees Industries created this Venn Diagram pattern for her and her sweetie. She was …

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PicMonkey Collage


There are so many ways that you can preserve a moment in time with your child. You can take pictures or do a scrapbook or you could try something new and stitch up a memory. You could create a …

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I am in the process of remodeling my craft room. I want it to be cozy, inviting and yet still functional. When I started the remodel I found a lot of pillows I loved but they were SO expensive! Why …

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