The Power of We

Although the day has passed, the spirit is thriving: Leonie of Stitching with Attitude tells us of Blog Action Day on October 15:

I’m happy to say I am one of the 2000 bloggers from 108 countries participating in Blog Action Day 2012. The subject for this year is ” The Power of We “. At the foot of my blog post on this subject,  is a link to the livestream coverage where all of these wonderful bloggers have left links to their posts. Of course, my corner of the world is small but I blog about the difference Fiber Artists, stitchers and quilters in my sphere have made and contributed to the betterment of others. Hope you’ll join me for Blog Action Day and enjoy and learn from all these international bloggers.

It’s not too late to enjoy these thoughtful blog posts. We are powerful, indeed.

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