The Right Tools for the Job

usetoolsWhat are your favorite tools as a needleworker? Since cross-stitch is my main deal, I have a few things I can’t do without, including petite cross stitch needles, sharp embroidery scissors, tweezers, and a bin for my thread ends aka orts. Recently over at Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog there was a great post about all the tools necessary for certain jobs she does as a crafter. Some I had never thought about. Head over to read about them. But first, share with us in the comments what your necessary tools are for your favorite needlecrafts.


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    Thread Heaven, suitable needles for the job – I love the gold ones by JJames for cross stitch, my QSnap frames and my seam ripper!

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    Things I cannot stitch without. are embroidery scissors (preferably 4″), pin cushion , megnifying glasses (I use simple reading glasses). Not counting the needles themselves, as long as I have the 3 aforementioned items, I’m ready to stitch!

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    One thing that I use which wasn’t mentioned is big ziplock bag or a clear project bag. as a cross stitcher I always have a bunch of projects going and I find it easier to put each project with its chart, floss, needle, scissor, measuring tape, etc all to gether in one baggie

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