Tutorial: Long and Short Stitch



I love learning a new stitch or technique.  So many times I stitch the same style over and over again…that’s why I am glad that Bee’s Knees Industries created this Long and Short Stitch tutorial for me to try out. I love the way it looks! It reminds me of a cool vintage rug or tapestry design. This stitch is a great alternative to the satin stitch.

You can see more pictures and read up on the tutorial HERE. 


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    I know the feeling of using only a few stitches. I went for YEARS only knowing stem stitch and running stitch and being to nervous to try anything new. I’m going to make a few more tutorials to get myself to try new stitches. So far, it’s been a lot of fun. And if I can help other people, too, that’s great! Thanks for sharing my link!

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