Video tutes: silk-ribbon embroidery


If you’re attracted to silk ribbon embroidery, but you don’t have a clue how to get started, check out the new video tutorials by Melissa of Honey Bee’s Bliss. The first three videos in this series show how to prepare the ribbon, how to thread the needle, and how to make a beginning knot. The videos are so clear and simple, I can’t wait to see what steps she shows us next.

The beautiful example of SRE shown here (and borrowed from the Honey Bee’s Bliss site) was made by Simona as part of a round robin.


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    Hi I just noticed this post and I have to say a big Thank You! I think it is such an honor for you to share my Silk Ribbon Embroidery Videos with others!
    I do need to let you know that the photo you used is not my work although it is on a block that is mine. The block went through a Round Robbin where other ladies contribute to each block as it is passed around. So the SRE in that photo is Simona’s. She did beautiful work!
    Again thank you so much for linking to me and spreading my videos to help others learn!

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