Why macrame died

Are you too young to remember the 1970s? If so, I’m so sorry. And I’m going to make it up to you right now by pointing you to Sister-Diane‘s post over on Craftypod. It’s a veritable survey of macrame of the era. Now you’ll know why we oldsters tend to scream at the mention of that word. Go to the post.


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    Awww maaaan, Now I have to find something different for your Christmas prezzie!

    Those things held clay pots in my first dorm room on a multi-arm ceiling to floor plant stand. Lasted about 2 months. Plants died cause roomie and I kept knocking ’em outta the jute hangers. (We danced a lot in there.)

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    I adore the peculiar stuff – the more peculiar, the better. I find it all impossibly endearing in its weirdness. My favorite thing in the world is when a friend says, “I ran across this really bizarre old craft book in the thrift store the other day and immediately thought of you.”

    Thanks so much for the link, Denise!

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    Of course you do, Diane! Because you are young and hip. Not old and crotchety like me. :) I love that you find novelty and beauty everywhere you look!


  4. kelly says

    I still macrame to this day. I have made several plant holders and alot of hanging tables. I just finished a table made with a microwave plate with a hole drilled thru the center to stablize it. I like to take stuff from around the house to make decorations to braid in the ropes. That makes each project unique in it own. Macrame tends to relax my mind and keep my hands busy. I have shown alot of my family and friend how to macrame and we all put our ideas together. I am 47 so I was very young when I learned but I still love that style.

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