Wind your floss…cheaply

Cristy of Lots of Neat Stuff has an opinion about floss bobbins that’s easy to agree with:

They sell these in either a hard plastic or a flimsy cardboard.  I used both kinds for my own storage.  The plastic ones are nice but there is just too much plastic out there in the world.  And, it seems sort of silly to buy little pieces of cardboard.

Check out her alternative.


  1. says

    Too funny… I’ve been cutting up my Yardley soap boxes into bobbins for a long time. Pretty lavender drawings on one side!

  2. kitkat says

    Most cardboard isn’t acid-free. I wouldn’t use it, but that’s JMO. I also don’t like the square kinks to the floss that occur when I wrap the floss too tight.

  3. says

    I just finished winding up all my floss on cardboard holders. I never noticed any of the packages (gifts, I didn’t buy ’em) stating they were acid-free. hmmmmmmm.

  4. says

    The Yardley boxes with flowers– even better!

    I know that my way is very low tech! And, it seems like others agree with you re: the kinks. Re: the acid, does it weaken the floss, or is it the potential for discoloration? I use my floss pretty quickly– the system works well for me, for now. These are good things to keep in mind though.

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