There is nothing better than hanging out and stitching with your peeps. Now you can stitch a cool peep while hanging out with your cool peeps. Hudson’s Holiday created this One Cool

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10 embroidery patterns inspired by movies and tv

While searching through embroidery shops  on Etsy, I found tons of patterns directly inspired by movies and TV.   What a fun project to work on the next time you’re having a movie night or binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix!  …

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It’s bunny time! If you are like me, you haven’t even begun your Easter and spring stitching. ACK! We better get on it! Adventures in Thread is such a doll for helping us out with our stitching. She posted this …

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Do you have a little one that can not get enough dinosaurs? Wild Olive’s  Demure Dino would be perfect for a child’s room or piece of clothing. Stitch it up

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PicMonkey Collage









  1. Flower Basket from Broderieantan
  2. Just Stay Calm from Wild Olive
  3. Vintage pattern of dog with china from mmaammbr via Hoop Love Transfer Group
  4. Produce Pattern from ThimbleNest
  5. Rocco Bud from Mary Corbett at
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I am intrigued by Stumpwork. I really need to try my hand at it.  It looks so complicate. The rich texture produced by this type of embroidery raises the piece to another level. BananaAmbush at claims that …

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e 7

I had originally decided to blog about Kimberly Quimet’s new Easter patterns and then I saw the picture…The organizer that would make my stitching easier. I shouted, “Brilliant!” Sure, it scared the dogs a bit. but what I am …

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Tic toc, tic toc goes the clock. It has to be close to 5:00…quitting time! Passing the hours away doesn’t have be so humdrum with this hoopla clock. This fun pattern is …

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Rick Rack plus embroidery tutorial by SeptemberHouse DIY embroidered accents and borders tutorial for hand embroidery

You know when you see something so clever that you just think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I’m having one of those moments.  So September stitched up these charming hoops using various stitches and rick rack. …

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Krenikgirl over at Mr. XStitch has gone buggy! She has written a very informative article about 7 ways to stitch up a bug, which by the way, is much better than actually dealing with bugs. From …

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When I first encountered Linda Behar’s work I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was just a really great photograph of a salt marsh…and then, I looked a little closer…it wasn’t a photograph, it was STICHED! The water,

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I remember growing up in the 80′s and feeling so fancy by owning a monogram sweater. I wore that sweater out! It looks like the monogram is making a comeback. Everywhere I turn, I see monograms and initials. I love …

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EEEPPPP!  I’m so excited! Sublime Stitching is having a HALF OFF SALE on all patterns!  All of those patterns that you have been dying to get but didn’t have the

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common thread

I really do think that all people who do needlework share a common thread. Whether we design our own art, or follow a pattern, love modern images or vintage classics, we are connected by the love to create.  Susan at

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Just in time for spring The Awkward Niche has created this adorable Bunny Ballerina embroidery pattern. The pink tutu is killing me! So stinking cute! I’m pretty sure everyone should celebrate

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