New: Sublime Floss!!

Big big news from Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching: Sublime now offers its own line of embroidery floss!! With a soft hand and a bright sheen, the flosses are available in nine palettes of seven colors each. So gorgeous I want to eat them! Jenny explains her decision to package the flosses in sets rather than selling them open stock:

Even the most experienced stitchers (myself included) can be intimidated by the myriad color choices offered. There may be thirteen pinks, twenty blues…Color coordinating takes a lot of pre-planning. These palettes have been painstakingly selected to complement one another and lend a cohesive look to any project. “Parlour” for dark and rich designs. “Frosting” for fun and sweet projects. Easy for the newbie, fun for the veteran.

Included is a palette of “Mingles,” the first preblended two-color skeins. So easy! Find out more about the new line of floss at Sublime Stitching.

And check out my giveaway! Thanks to Jenny’s generosity, I’m giving away one of each of the new floss palettes!