Freebie: Spooky Tree


I love vintage and retro Halloween images. They are not scary or gory, just fun. Lucy X Stitches created this free pattern with a retro feel in mind. The look on the tree’s face is priceless and the owl, well..he … Read More ...

Freebie: Pumpkin Girl

Dearie Pumpkin Girl and Friends

This cute little pumpkin girl is ready for fall weather. I love her little sweater and skirt. It would be perfect on a trick or treat bag or maybe tea towels. This little doll is a digi stamp available for free from … Read More ...

Freebie: A Bunch of Bunnies


The bunnies…they are attacking us with their cuteness! AACCKKKK! Make it stop! I can’t handle anymore cute bunnies (faints and drops to floor). Okay so maybe I didn’t faint over these adorable bunnies, but I could because they are so … Read More ...

Autumn Blessings

AB 1

In my neck of the woods we are having a longer summer than expected and while I am usually a fan of the heat, I am ready for fall. The cooler temps and rain need to head my way. Of … Read More ...

Winner Winner!



Thanks to everyone who commented on the Cheryl Fall book giveaway. It was fun finding out everyone’s favorite needlework tool. We love our lights, hoops and reading glasses.

The winner of the giveaway is:


Her favorite stitching tool is a … Read More ...