Recent stitch tutorials

(1) Reverse chain with buttonhole edge by Baroque Embellishments
(2) Up-and-down buttonhole stitch by Big B
(3) Beaded chain stitch flower by Let’s Learn Embroidery
(4) Whipping two rows of chain stitch by Needle ‘n’ Thread
(5) Whipped chain stitch by Needle ‘n’ Thread
(6) Bullion knot by My Sweet Prairie
(7) Granito stitch by Royce’s Hub
(8) Beaded chain stitch insects (4 designs) by Let’s Learn Embroidery
(9) Van Dyke Stitch with Reverse Chain Start by Baroque Embellishments
(10) Knotted cable chain stitch by Big B
(11) Chain stitch spider daisy by Needle ‘n’ Thread
(12) Stacked chain stitch by Fat-Quarter


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