A rockin contest from Di van Niekerk

Di of Crafts Unlimited alerts us to a competition involving her 16 new Dreamscapes designs. Her e-newsletter says,

Running until the end of May 2011, you may enter as many embroidered pieces from the Dreamscapes series as you like. There will be a first, second, third, and fourth prize for the best of them all…

1st Prize: My new Romantic Roses in silk and organza ribbon book, signed by me, along with the panel of the rose sampler for the book, all the threads, ribbons, beads, needles, frame, backing — everything that you will need to embroider this beautiful sampler PLUS 100 packets of the most popular ribbons in my range: 2, 4, 7, 13, 25 and 32mm silk ribbons.

The other prizes are fabulous, too! Get all the details from Di’s home page.


  1. uthpala says

    Your Brazilian designs are excellent. I like it. now I learn ribbon embroidery. but i haven’t designs. Like seens, Please can you send me new designs.

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