Bead a bounty of blooms

If your life won’t let you take live classes or you don’t have the bucks to travel, online classes are the ideal solution. And one is coming up with Nancy Eha (The Beading Queen) that looks divine! It’s one of the online crazy-quilting classes now offered through Maureen’s Vintage Acqusitions, but you don’t have to be a crazy-quilter to enjoy bead embroidery. Check this description of Seed Bead Botany: Creating flowers, leaves, vines, berries, and grapes with seed beads:

Learn how to make a bounty of botanical beaded beauties for your fabric projects.  Numerous beading stitches will be taught using mostly small size 11 seed beads.  Explore variations of these beading stitches: back stitch, stop stitch, lazy daisy, feather, and raised satin. After learning each stitch, students will be encouraged to explore and create original beaded beauties.  No prior beading experience needed. Four Week Lessons Start Tuesday May 22.

Go to the class catalog to get all the details.

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