Best posts of 2011

Before we zoom ahead with 2012 crafting, take a look at CraftGossip’s 10 most-popular needlework posts for 2011:

(10) Free cross-stitch charts (3/25/11)
(9) Free cross-stitch charts (3/30/11)
(8) Free hand-embroidery patterns (5/7/11)
(7) Free patterns and charts: Leftover valentines
(6) Take a cyber-class; make this pillow
(5) Free patterns and charts: Easter
(4) Free charts: Valentine’s Day
(3) Free charts: Cross-stitch (1/10/11)
(2) Free patterns: Hand-embroidery (3/15/11)
(1) Free patterns and charts: Christmas (1/8/11)

Edited 1/3/11: The set of images above are associated with the #1 post for 2011. To get the patterns, click the text link for (1). That post will open. You can then follow the text links below the images to go to the sites on which the free patterns are offered. –df


  1. Lynne says

    I think your links are wrong. I’m looking for the pattern for #7 and the site it’s linked to doesn’t have it. Please find it, as I would LOVE to make this! Thanks!

  2. Virginia says

    I would very much like to have some of the patterns shown above but they won’t come up. Can you help me retreive them. I am looking forward to getting the slanted tree shown as #20 and the hangning bells shown as #6.
    Thank you so much for your time.


  3. says

    I’m not sure exactly what kind of problem you’re describing, Virginia. If you’re trying to click on the images–I’m so sorry, but the structure of CraftGossip doesn’t allow us to link that way. The set of images is related to the #1 post for 2011. If you’ll scroll down to the text link for #1 and click it, you’ll go to the original post. Each image in that original post has a numbered text link to take you to the site on which the free pattern is offered. Hope this helps!


  4. says

    Hi, Madmad! Be sure to keep an eye on CraftGossip’s new Cross-stitch blog. Connie posts free cross-stitch patterns over there nearly every day–usually several each day. She’s finding some good stuff!


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