Free charts: Cross-stitch

(1) Aprile from Romy’s Cross Stitch Patterns
(2) Joyeuse farandole 2 from bdcouture
(3) Sweet bird from At the Honeysuckle Tree
(4) Geese from Les grilles de Thiarlou
(5) Heaven is a place… from My Little Stitches
(6) Goose from Les grilles de Thiarlou
(7) Polar bear border from Les grilles de Thiarlou
(8) Poulette d’avril from Le blog de mimi
(9) Carte d’avril from Les grilles de Maryse
(10) Roses from l’Opale d’Arthénice
(11) Poisson d’avril from bdcouture
(12) 1er Avril from Le blog de carmela
(13) Biscornu from Les chroniques de Frimousse
(14) Pearls before swine from My Little Stitches
(15) Rendez-vous d’avril from Danybrod
(16) Do the right thing by Connie G. Barwick of
(17) Couronne de Roses from les petites croix de Christine
(18) Celtic 02 from Stofnest
(19) Aprile from atmosfera di casa
(20) Sampler 13 from Stofnest
(21) Cross stitch cake from Happy Threads
(22) Poisson d’avril from les loisirs abbygaelle

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