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I’m so pleased to discover Rimal Publications, a publishing house in Cyprus that specializes in books “that introduce readers to the unique cultural richness of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.” Ali Shawwa of Rimal alerted us to two of their books that may be especially interesting to needle artists. Ali says:

– “Palestinian Embroidery Motifs: A Treasury of Stitches 1850-1950” by Margarita Skinner. It not only has an extensive background about this form of art tracing back 2000 years and exquisite photography, but it also shows in detail over 200 embroidery motifs and designs from Palestinian towns and villages listing each by name and origin. The author also explains some designs and the meaning behind them.

– “Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage” by Widad Kawar, a first of its kind in which the exclusive collection of embroidered dresses are not only shown in the book, but the stories of the women who made them and their journey from Palestinian village to Jordanian refugee camps.

Go to Rimal’s web site to learn more or order. And be sure to poke around the site–there’s much to see!

Ed. note: Rimal Publications invited a review of the site but did not tell me what to say or compensate me in any way. And that’s just how I like it!


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    Hi, Velia! The Rimal site is still active. Maybe it was busy or down for maintenance when you tried. But the link is working for me this morning. If you still have trouble getting there, you might try a Google search for Rimal Publications.


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