Multi Needle Machine Embroidery

Multi-1If you are intimidated by multi needle machine embroidery, then you need to head on over to Eileen’s Machine Embroidery blog to join in the conversation about that topic. Once you have mastered regular machine embroidery apparently the next step is to want to get a multi needle machine if you can. But many people are afraid of those machines because they look so complicated. Eileen has some tips and there are more in the comments for making the machine less scary. Go join the conversation and as always, let us know your machine embroidery tips of any kind in the comments section here.


  1. Lulie Felder says

    I recently bought a used EMP6 PRO BabyLock that owner had
    used 9 years; I love it but formerly used my Brother 8500, so I
    usually panic before trying the EMP6! Thanks for all info and hints!
    Would love to have the comments & hints from you and all others
    printed so I could read. & re-read them and highlight as needed!

    I am older than most of you but still excited about learning to use
    this “new” 6-needle machine. Please help if you can! Thanks, Lulie

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