What is this stitch?

Mary Corbet of Needle ‘n’ Thread is asking for readers’ help identifying the stitch used to create the flower at the center of this image. She suspects it’s a type of bullion stitch, and she issues this challenge:

I’m going to play with bullions a little later this weekend to see if I can imitate this look and recreate a similar flower. Anyone up to the challenge of doing the same? If you do it and take pictures, post them on your blog, flickr, online photo album or facebook and let me know! If you don’t have any of the above, how about taking photos and sending them to me? It’d be fun to see what everyone comes up with! I’ll compile a post with any results you send in (including links and so forth to your work), and anything I come up with.

Go to Mary’s blog post to read more and see a bigger photo.

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