10 decorative ways to patch your clothes

10 decorative ways to patch your clothes



Now and then, whether we like it or not, our favorite clothes are going to end up with a hole here or there.  Why not take the opportunity to add a decorative patch rather than giving up on that sweater or comfy pair of jeans?  Felted shapes, embroidery and crochet all add interesting flair while covering up a nasty tear.   Keep rips visible and add a background of a bright printed fabric.  You may just find yourself adding fun patches to all your clothes, whether they need them or not!











Patching with embroidery – Urban Threads






Neon cross stitch patched pants – I am because we are






Patch your woolies – Goodknits






DIY elbow patch – Honestly wtf










Felted sweater patches – Martha Stewart






Crochet patch – Plaidipus mound






Monster patches – Art Bar



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