C&T rocks the Digital Lounge

When I gave you the heads-up about Victoria Crowder Payne‘s appearance on C&T Publishing’s Wednesday Night Live webcast, I fully intended to be there to enjoy the party. I ended up having to work. Luckily, each of these webcasts is captured, so you can replay the event at your convenience. I finally got the chance to watch the replay, and I am insanely thrilled about C&T’s Digital Lounge format.

Here’s how it works: The names of all the participants pop up at the left side of the screen as they log on. On the right side of the screen is a running chat feed, where participants can talk to one another, to the C&T host, and to the artist doing a demo. A box at the bottom of the screen lets you input questions or comments that then pop up in the chat feed. And in the center of the screen is the video feed.

For the episode I watched, Lisa Fulmer of C&T welcomed everyone and explained how the Digital Lounge format works. Then she shifted control to our beloved Victoria, who (being a pro at vlogging and such) did a superb job of introducing her tools and supplies and stepping through a technique demo, making it accessible to viewers of all levels of experience. As she demoed, Lisa followed up with notes and links in the chat feed, letting viewers check out Victoria’s web site, directing them to sources of the supplies Victoria mentioned, and answering some of the viewers’ questions. Victoria also checked the chat feed regularly and responded to viewers’ remarks.

The whole thing was so lively and interesting — so successful — that I got caught up, and a couple of times I started typing a question or comment before I remembered that this was the replay!

Congratulations to C&T for offering this remarkable venue for artists and crafters. And congratulations to Victoria for preparing and delivering outstanding content with humor and charm.

Go to the C&T site for links to all of the replays available so far and all of the upcoming episodes. And plan to be on hand for the next Wednesday Night Live webcast. I know I will!


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