Inspiration: The Simpsons

PicMonkey Collage

Currently every Simpsons episode ever is being aired. 12 days of Simpson! I have been binge watching all 552 episodes and my DVR is getting close to being full. To honor The Simpsons, above are some of my favorite stitchy homages.

1.   This Home Sweet Home cross stitch is available for sale on Etsy by Patchoo. The donut is the best!  2.  Everything is coming up Milhouse! This is an oldie but a goodie. It was stitched up by Lilyvanilli on  3. Comic Book Guy’s famous quote can now be stitched up ,”Worst Cross Stitch Ever.” You can purchase this pattern from Bel7861 and stitch it up for your favorite critic. 4.Last but not least is one of my favorite quotes from Home Simpson, “You don’t win friends with salad.” This piece was stitched up by stitchzBstitchz for a Simpsons art show.

These are a few tributes that I have found around the web. I can’t believe the Simpsons are still going strong after all these years. Here’s to another 552 episodes!




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